Create a sortable table

sortable table This site offers exhaustive instructions and details on how to implement and configure a sortable table.

The good news is that the graceful coding has already been done for you by the talented Brian McAllister, you just have to modify it to your needs.

The table sorts very quickly and can even be sorted via multiple columns.

From the site:

  • Plays nicely with the JavaScript global namespace (the script creates and reuses only one JavaScript object)
  • Multiple columns can be sorted at once by pressing Shift while selecting the columns using either the keyboard or mouse
  • The plug-in architecture makes writing custom sort functions a breeze
  • The script can highlight both alternate rows and full columns on a table by table basis.
  • Like its predecessor, the script is fully keyboard accessible
  • The script can correctly determine a columns datatype should a datatype not be explicitly defined (datatypes determined are limited to numbers, text, currency values and dates)
  • The script is smart enough not to sort columns containing identical data

and lot’s more


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