Good Keywords

good keywords 1This FREE software provides a few great tools for researching keywords for you site or your Pay Per Click campaigns.

Consisting of 6 modules GK gives you plenty of ways to research the best keywords for your site or web page.

Keyword suggestion

good keywords 2 Enter a keyword or phrase and this tool will suggest a variety of other related keywords and phrases. Unfortunately the Overture tool seems to be out of action but the Yahoo option still seems to give results.

Misspelled words

good keywords 3 If you are considering a Pay Per Click campaign, your main keywords may be too popular to bid on. The phrase “mortgage” is no doubt outbid to the hilt but keep in mind that when people search they are just as likely as ever to make a typo. This tool will find all the most common misspellings. If the high bid for “mortgage” is $1, Perhaps the high bid for “nortgage” is only 15 cents and might deliver the same visitor type

Web Page Explorer

good keywords 4

Enter a URL and the Web Page Explorer will extract the most commonly found phrases and keywords fom that page. Useful in checking your own site as well as your competitors

Keyword Phrase Builder

good keywords 5 Enter up to three sets of keywords and this tool will generate all the possible key-phrase combinations

Site and Link Popularity

good keywords 6

This tool will give you a variety of site popularity benchmarks. Enter a URL and get the results. Sites are saved so you can come back later

Keyword Organizer

good keywords 7 The final tool in the set allows you to organize, save and combine sets of keywords. A great way to keep track of kleywords you use in your PPC campaigns. If you run a campaign on Google Adwords and want to run iton Yahoo you can pull up all your keywords in one place.

Download Good Keywords for free here

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