How to schedule your blog posts for the future

blogger Soon this post will be obsolete as blogger ads this functionality but for now, if you want to write a post and have it appear in the future you can log into draft blogger ( and when you set the date of your post to the future it will appear as “scheduled” and will (most of the time) magically appear on your blog on that day at the time specified.

This doesn’t work with Live Writer and Blogger yet.

wordpress You can already do this now in WordPress blogs simply by modifying the timestamp to a future date and time.

This is a really handy tip if you are going to be away on vacation but don’t want your blog to go ‘stale’.

Update, May 5th 2008: Blogger has now implemented this feature in the standard Blogger intrface, you no longer have to use the ‘draft’ feature. but keep it in mind if you want to use future upcomming blogger tools.

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