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I only installed the tracking script less than an hour ago but I love it already. If you are like me and are addicted to reading your Google Analytics stats then stay away from Woopra.

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Currently in Beta, it is free software that allows you to track visitors to your website in real-time. It shows a tremendous amount of detail about who is on your site.  What country they are in, which browser they are using, what language they speak, what the local time is, how they arrived at your site (search engine and keyword) and much more.

woopra 02[4]The best part is being able to follow your visitors around and watch as they navigate from page to page. You can even send them messages which pop-up on their browser but I doubt anyone would really want to do that, It is already possible to learn all this in Google analytics, of course, but there’s something about doing it live that seems so much more revealing.

Woopra also keeps track of all these stats and more including the most popular pages, keywords searched, files downloaded, page views per visit, hourly visits, etc etc.A ticker runs at the bottom of the browser showing statistics such as Page views today,  time spent per page, visits, new visitors, along with stock market style red and green change indicators.

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Woopra allows you to ‘tag’ visitors so that you can keep a record of what they do in the future, though I couldn’t seem to get this to work properly. Another feature is the ability to set up predefined alerts. For example, you  could have woopra 06Woopra play a sound whenever someone lands on a particular web page, or signs up for your rss feed. The alerts are highly configurable to the point where you could set up a rule that says, for example: Alert me every time a visitor from Denver Colorado with a screen size greater than 800 X 600 visits my ‘about’ page during the day.

As slick as it looks there are some clear signs that it is still in Beta, for example, every visitor is recorded as having been on the site for 0 seconds no matter how long they stay.

woopra 05As with all such tracking codes you install it by adding about three lines of code to the footer of the pages you want to track. I did this by doing a search and replace on my entire site. Unfortunately, as it is still in beta you have your website approved manually to use Woopra. I sent a request about a month ago, and just got my approval to today.

I presume that woopra will become a pay service at some point in the future but it’s free for now at least.

Update: October 2009: Woopra is now out of Beta and open to new users.


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