Another free web survey maker


surveyware (currently) allows you to create as many polls as you want, hosted right on your site, wherever you choose.




Some features (from their website):

  • Geolocation services to enable automatic location of survey takers
  • Advanced reporting capabilities – export to all major print formats plus XML
  • Drill downs, trend analysis, segmentation of data down to the individual respondent
  • Restrict repeat respondents by I.P. address and other methods
  • Scheduled reports – have results delivered to multiple recipients on custom schedules



Yet Another free web survey maker

surveygizmoIf you are happy with only 250 survey responses per month, SurveyGizmo is free for you.


You have a lot of control over the look of the survey to make it match your website design.



Some of the features (from the website) :

  • Easy to design
  • brand your survey
  • email link
  • Embed surveys
  • Google Analytics tracking
  • Filtered results
  • Charts
  • Graphs



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