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sitemap szSitempa-sz is a useful piece of freeware that scans your site (or any site really) and builds a Google sitemap of your site. It crawled my site and built a map of about 3500 pages in about 5 minutes.

Once it’s crawled your site it allows you to configure and tweak your sitemap. Before you start a crawl, go to the settings panel and set the default frequency and priority settings as it’s a pain to have to change a lot of pages frequencies after the fact. I had a bit of trouble getting the default frequency to change and I ended up doing a search and replace.

Once you have your sitemap online it’s a good idea to submit it to Google via it’s webmaster tools site.

Some Features (from the site)

  • Creation of the Google Sitemap XML file
  • Removal of query string variables
  • Selection of file types to parse
  • Default “frequency”
  • Changing “frequency” for special URLs
  • Default “priority”
  • Changing “priority” for special URLs
  • Usage of the server’s Last-Update date (if available)
  • Saving an error log


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