How to accept credit cards on your site

accept credit cards online

If your site is an e-commerce site or you plan to sell goods or services, this site compares about 15 different online payment processors that allow you to accept credit cards on your site so that you can find the credit card processor that best meets your needs.


accept credit cards on your website


The comparison charts compare the following

  • Setup fees
  • Monthly fees
  • Discount rate (Percent of sale they keep)
  • Transaction fees
  • Do they accept Intangibles (digital downloads for example)
  • Do they allow payment for Ebay?
  • Do they accept adult sites?
  • Do they accept online checks?
  • Can you sell subscriptions?
  • Can you accept phone payments?
  • Minimum payment release (How much you have to earn before they pay you)
  • Which foreign currencies can you accept?
  • How do they pay you? (transfer, check, etc)
  • Setup time (How soon do you need to be up and running?)

The site also goes over some of the basics of accepting credit cards. There is also a chart covering which site accepts which particular cards.

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