Free SEO Content Management System

free seo cms This is a freeware search engine optimized content management system.  What that means in a a nutshell is that it’s software you can use it to build a website from a database. The key benefit is that it’s a very quick way to generate a large number of pages and also very easy to change your whole site in a minute or so.

They claim that their templates are highly SEO compliant and more importantly, all use CSS.

It even has advanced options to enable PayPal for an e-commerce site and code generators to create CSS tables from spreadsheets, thumbnail photo albums, and lots more.

SEO CMS freeware

Some features (from the website):

  • 90% quicker than WYSIWYG editors.
  • Optimized hand code quality pages.
  • Instantly apply wide range of FREE template designs
  • Reliable, hacker free pages.
  • FREE code generators. Table, photo albums etc.
  • Safe mode for beginners; full html access for experts.
  • All menus, SEO, accessibility tags built automatically.
  • Unlimited number of sites from one install.
  • Preview website before release.
  • Content 100% separate from design.


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