Is your website ready for mobile users?

view your website on mobile

This online tool will check your web page or site for mobile readiness according to guidelines laid out by the W3C in the MobileOK Basic Tests 1.0

A large number of factors are considered and you receive a very comprehensive report including how much it will cost to view your web page.

Some of the aspects checked (from website)

  • MIME types
  • Character encoding
  • Pop up windows
  • Alt texts
  • Image maps
  • Specify image sizes
  • Measures
  • Page title
  • Use of stylesheets
  • Stylesheets dependency
  • Objects or scripts
  • Auto refresh
  • Redirection
  • Default input mode
  • Provide defaults
  • Page size limit
  • Large graphics
  • Tables
  • Nested tables
  • Tables for layout
  • Access keys
  • Caching
  • External resources
  • Structure
  • Image Resizing
  • Google sitemap
  • Form submit buttons


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