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nuconomy web analytics

If you are a fan of Google Analytics you will flip over nuconomy. While Google Analytics gives you all types of drillable data about who came from where, what they clicked on, and how long they stayed, nuconomy gives you that and more (and for free…for now)

In the image above you will see a graph of how many viewers watched a particular online video, and for how long. You can tell if people dropped off at a particular moment in the video, how many people watched it all the way through, how many fast forwarded and the list goes on.

And that’s just one example. You can get data about how Flash, Java and other scripted elements are viewed as well as all the usual data…what country visitors came from, what pages they viewed, where they entered and exited, etc. etc.  If you are interested I highly recommend that you sign up now before the beta registration closes. The one caveat I should mention is that it is a bit more complicated to install than Google Analytics, but they claim that even a large website can be done in about an hour.

For bloggers, though I haven’t tried it, there is apparently a plugin (widget?) version for WordPress that can be installed in seconds.


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