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backlink checker will check backlinks (how many sites are linking to your website) to any site you give it. One unique aspect of this tool is that it will give you some useful info about the backlinks.

Anchor Text
This is the clickable text that links to your site. Anchor text containing a keyword or phrase that is important to your site will help you rank higher in search engines for that keyword. Let’s say you have a movie review site called A link with the anchor text "movie reviews" will, in the long run, help your site get a higher ranking when people search for movie reviews than anchor text with just your URL in it which will only help you rank higher when people search for your exact URL.


This is how Google ranks your site on a scale from 1 to 10. The higher the number the more weight Google gives to links on the site. You want to get backlinks from sites with a high Page Rank as it wil in turn help your site’s PageRank. For more on Pagerank see here

OutBound Links (OBL)

How many other links does that site have? Ideally you want links from sites with fewer OBLs as the more links there are, the less valuable search engines think they are.


This will let you know whether your backlink has any flags on it such as ‘nofollow’ which will tell search engines not to follow the link, and thereby not sharing any of their pagerank with your site. Although ‘nofollow’ links will still help you get traffic, they are not as valuable as ‘do follow’ links (the default, with no flag)

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