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Build a Flash website online for free, and with free hosting. I wouldn’t  place my online business here but I would consider it for a quick event site for example, or a demo site, or quick gallery/portfolio site, or…etc.
No knowledge of Flash is needed and the user interface seems quite sophisticated. Your free account includes:

  • Flash Sitebuilder – 20 pages
  • 10 MB Web space
  • 100 MB monthly traffic
  • 1 Cabanova Webmail account

You can upgrade to the premium service for features like 2 gigs of web space, unlimited pages, domain name and more, but at $20 to $30 per month it will be hard to justify unless you really have no other way to create a website (or have no knowledge of Flash)

Still, the free version could be just what you need for  a quick flashy Flash site.


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