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ConveyThis let’s you create a small translate button to put on your website. When your visitors click on it, they can choose a translation engine of their choice and the web page or blog post they are on will be translated into their choice of over 60 languages. translate-button

Translation engine choices include Google Translator, BabelFish, MSN Translator, Promt, and more. All for free.

From the site:

Why should I use ConveyThis rather than another free translator?
  1. Our button combines six of the most popular free website translators on the web.
  2. Choose your own style and color, the button is very small and can easily be uploaded to your website or blog.
  3. You get access to a statistics page showing what languages your pages are most translated into.
  4. Help promote your website to foreign speaking audiences.
  5. Increase the awareness of your website among foreign visitors.


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