WordPress 2.7 – Chock full of changes

wordpress-left-layout Tonight at 8pm EST or tomorrow at 1am if you’re on GMT, version 2.7 of WordPress will be released and it’s full of new features, mostly in the admin panel (which is really where it counts)

Some include:

Brand new admin layout with collapsible left side menu and navigation features like drag and drop module reorganizing and convenient shortcuts to commonly used elements


Install plugins from main admin area

Batch edit feature allows you to edit multiple posts at the same time. Change author, add/remove categories and tags

Default Media settings lets you specify things like default image size or crop size

Future Upgrades in Admin

One really useful feature is that WordPress will now allow you to upgrade to future versions from within the admin panel, no more downloading updates and then uploading via FTP etc. Read about more of the features at the link below



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