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One way of increasing traffic to your website is to get backlinks. This is a time consuming task. Finding the sites where you might be able to get backlinks from is the first chore. The tool below will help get you started.

Enter search terms that are relevant to your site in the box below and you will get a list of web sites and directories online that will likely allow you to add a link to your site in their directory.

For example, if your web site offers investment advice, try entering “financial services” or “investment advice” and you will likely get a series of sites that have financial services directories that you can add your site to. This will help you get both traffic and a better search engine ranking but it will take time and perseverance. When you have exhausted the potential backlinks from your first search, come back and enter another keyword or phrase.

When you add your site to link directories, try to use your keyword in your Title description and link text to better feed the search engine spiders. a link to your site with the phrase “Financial advice from Enterprise Consulting” will do much better for you in the long run than simply “Enterprise Consulting” The former will tell Google what your site is about whereas the latter just tells it the name of your site.

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