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manage blog ads

ScribeFire Quick Ads allows you to manage and publish ads to your site easily. The ads (banner images and/or text ads) are served up from many of the largest networks out there, Google Adsense, Kontera,, etc. Payouts are monthly once a minimum of just $5 has been reached.

From the site:

  • Point and click ads directly into your blog without adding a single line of code to your site
  • The first service to enable publishers to serve both optimized banners and in-text ads on their sites via a single platform
  • QuickAds greatly simplifies ad inventory management with a powerful optimization decision engine, which matches each impression with the highest revenue producing ad
  • Ads are selected from our ad inventory pool, which is fueled by our experienced sales team and relationships with over 100 ad networks
  • QuickAd’s advanced in-text advertising solution guarantees site publishers the highest degree of relevancy between content, keywords, and ads


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