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Here’s a fantastic way to place an image on your site that people can click on to zoom into, drag to pan around and explore and it’s deliciously interactive, and fast too. It excels at allowing you to zoom into an image and reveal details that you can’t possibly see at full resolution.

The images above show the original image on the left and then a highly zoomed in portion on the right (the text is completely legible on the actual site) the red box on the left image was drawn by me to illustrate what I zoomed into. Apart from being very useful, it’s also just a pleasure to use. Click, drag, scroll…all very smooth and intuitive. Try it yourself here

zoom in on an image Just to take it to the extreme I zoomed in on some body text in the text box (Which is barely even visible in the original, in the red box on the first image) You can see the results in this image to the left.

This is great for images that need to be seen as a whole for context, but would benefit from interactive zooming and panning, the obvious example would be a map.

The finest level of detail you get will be what you give it, it’s not one of those pieces of software so often seen in movies that can clear up fuzzy photos.

You are probably thinking that this must be very difficult to implement or use on your website. For the technically challenged they have set up a 3 step Embed builder that will generate all the necessary code for you to copy and paste onto your site.

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