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easy to use free news management system[4]
Cute News is an easy to use News Management system for running news updates, info bulletins etc. It supports commenting, archives, search function, file upload management, backup & restore, IP banning, flood protection and much more with no need for MySQL databases. The free version says “Powered by CuteNews…” in your news.

Some of the features, from the site:

  • Quick and easy installation
  • You don’t need MySQL, everything is stored in files
  • Super-Easy to use Template system
  • Visitors can post comments
  • Smilies, Avatars and HTML code can be used in posts
  • Multilpe categories function
  • WYSIWYG editor
  • Different User Levels with restricted access
  • Add/Edit/Post news, comments and users online
  • Auto archiving of old news
  • No news building, everything is automated
  • Edit news templates
  • Visitors can search in your news news database
  • Password protected names in comments
  • Flood protection & IP Banning of users
  • Backup Function
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