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This free software (sorry, windows only) gives you lots of information about Jpeg, Mov, PDF files and more. Want to know if an image has been edited or modified? What was it’s compression setting? This and much much more can be discovered by Jpeg Snoop (the features list alone would fill 10 posts)

File types supported:

  • .JPG – JPEG Still Photo
  • .THM – Thumbnail for RAW Photo / Movie Files
  • .AVI* – AVI Movies
  • .DNG – Digital Negative RAW Photo
  • .CRW, .CR2, .NEF, .ORF, .PEF – RAW Photo
  • .MOV* – QuickTime Movies, QTVR (Virtual Reality / 360 Panoramic)
  • .PDF – Adobe PDF Documents


P.S. Memories Recovered.

While writing Jpeg Snoop, the author learnt how to repair seemingly fatally corrupt Jpeg images. Though he no longer offers this as a service, he does share a fair amount of tips on how you might go about doing this yourself if you are technically inclined you can read about it here: fix a corrupt Jpeg

fix corrupt jpeg files

A heart-warming happy ending from the JpegSnoop site comments:

Hi Calvin: While at Disney I accidently deleted my sd card. I used several recovery programs and got most pictures back but one very important picture was corrupted only 1/3rd of picture showing and rest was grey. I had all but given up hope of recovering it until by chance (thanks Google) I happened upon your site and your utility JPEGsnoop. The abilities and information provided are way beyond my understanding however when I opened the image and clicked Image search fwd the entire image appeared…I thank you from the bottom of my heart because I broke a 12 year old girls heart when I deleted it. I will be sending you a token of my gratitude and sincere thanks.

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