Internet User Statistics

free internet usage statistics is a very rich source of a tremendous amount of data regarding who is using the internet, how, when and why they are using it and all else in between. All reports are configurable and can be drilled down to break the statistics down even further to a great extent. Very useful and current stats for any web designer or web marketer.

drilldown information about internet usage
The amount of information available is truly vast but it’s the extensive drilldown capabilities that help make this an internet data goldmine. Available statistics include:

  • Browsers
  • Browser versions
  • Plugins
  • Operating systems
  • Search Engines
  • Keyword counts
  • Screen Resolutions
  • Colour Depth
  • Traffic
  • Locations
  • Visitor source
  • …and much more.     landing page statistics
    flash plugin support trend chart


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