WYSIWYG Blog Editors

Most blogs have decent posting interfaces but if you want to write blog posts offline or in something more like a wordprocessor there are quite a few excellent free options.


free wysiwyg blog software

A freeware offline blog editor with lots of features and support for many blog platforms. Images can be directly inserted and are automatically uploaded. With the ImageWizard you can not only insert images to your posts – it’s possible to edit them as well (crop, resize, rotate, shadow etc)

Links can be easily inserted and edited. If you link to local files (such as MP3 or PDF), BlogDesk will automatically upload them. You can even publish simultaneously to multiple blogs with one click.


offline blog editor

Similar to Blogdesk but has a few unique features. This blog editor allows you to use a flickr account to store your photos. It also offers live spell checking as well as the ability to post directly from MS Word.

Windows Live Writer

write blog posts offline

Last but not least is my personal favourite, Live Writer, the free offline blog post editor from Microsoft. Perhaps the slickest of the three, it has quite a few nice features and supports plugins, of which there are many. My favourite is the Snagit screen capture plugin which makes it a breeze to add a screen capture which will then be automatically uploaded to the blog when you publish the post.

A new feature in the latest version is the ability to insert a video from your computer and have it automatically published to YouTube when you publish the post.

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