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Batch Text Replacement

freeware search and replace utility

Let’s say you want to change the phrase “free download with every purchase” on your website to “free MP3 when you sign up for our newsletter” and perhaps you also need to change every mention of “DVD-R”, “DVD-RW” and “DVD+R” to simply “DVD” This free batch text replacement tool can search through hundreds of your .html files replace anything you ask it to in a matter of seconds.

By using special characters you can get it to do some very complex search and replace functions based on rules you set. Make sure you always backup your files before changing them!

Features, (from the site)

  • Text replacement can be performed in hundreds of files from several directories (with using basket drive in “Useful File Utilities”) simultaneously.
  • You can specify multiple text blocks for replacement.
  • Status window while it’s running.
  • Quick text replacement algorithm
  • Automatically create backup files
  • Save/load “Find and Replace” strings to a file outside the program.
  • Find repeated sequence of symbols and replace it with anything.
  • Find any symbols in Exe file and replace them with anything.
  • Launchable from the command line.
  • Encode text files from one code page to another (Latin to UTF8 or to UNICODE….)
  • Supports processing MS Word and MS Excel files.


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20 Free Handwritten Fonts

free handwriting fonts

Download 20 free hand-written fonts courtesy of snap2objects

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