Create a Website From ANY File

convert a file into a website This unique web tool allows you to upload just about anything and have it turned into a website with a url that you can invite anyone to view, no programming or web site design skills required. Keep in mind that they host it and can remove it when they choose to, particularly as this free service appears to be ad supported. You will find some refreshing honesty regarding this in their FAQ:

“Is this web site profitable?

No, currently it is not.”

Never mind that, it’s a great and very useful idea. I can’t fathom the effort required to make this magic happen. From the website:

We support a huge range of file formats including avi, bmp, c, cls, cpp, css, csv, doc, flv, gif, gpx, htm, ico, java, jpg, js, mov, mp3, odp, ods, odt, ogv, pdf, php, pl, png, pps, ppt, py, rar, rtf, sh, sql, svg, swf, tar, tif, ttf, txt, wav, wmv, xcf, xml, xml and zip. We increase support for more formats regularly, if a file format is not supported you can request support conversion to a web page by sending an email to


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