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free online flash CMS FlashMoto is a very rich featured content management system for creating, updating and modifying a website. The changes made in it’s intuitive WYSIWIG online editor go live instantly. It may currently still be in Beta but it’s certainly no light weight.

From the site:

FlashMoto CMS allows uploading pictures, video, .SWF files. With the help of the built-in Image editor you can edit images in different formats: .JPG and .PNG.
You may resize and crop your images, add text and borders to your images, convert them and much more

SEO optimized Flash Website. Deep Linking. Google Analytics Integration
Similar to HTML websites, your Flash website and all its content is totally indexable by search engines. Each site page has its own unique URL and editable Meta Title. Google Analytics integration tool, robots.txt, 301 SEO redirection, deep linking – all these tools and features will help you to get high ranking, increase your website traffic, strengthen your marketing initiatives, and create higher-converting websites.


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