Worpress 3.0 is Here

With over 1200 bug fixes (they had that many?) and new features, WordPress 3.o looks to be a nice upgrade. Perhaps the most exciting new feature is that you can run an unlimited number of blogs from one Worpdress Instalation (well they say 10 Million, so maybe there is a limit).

New WordPress Update

You can now add custom backgrounds, headers and Custom menus (Which you can re-organize by dragging and dropping) to your WordPress Blog all without editing your theme file. You can even place these custom menus and sub-menus in a sidebar widget.

custom menus in WordPress

They’ve also added the ability to create custom post types such as a products, Contacts, Newsletters etc.

new features in Worpress 3.0

as well as; Taxonomies (groupings of posts or links; “Link Category” is an example of a taxonomy)

There is a Bulk updater, for among other things, updating multiple plugins at once

and a New Default theme “Twenty Ten” which incorporates all the new features.

If you updated recently you will already know that WordPress can always be updated automatically at the touch of button from your Dashboard. If you don’t use WordPress yet, now is a great time to start. Oh yes, and as always, it’s Free!


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