Duplicate Photo Finder Freeware

free duplicate photo finder

This fantastic (or awesome as they describe it) free utility will find duplicate images or as in the case above, even similar images all across your computer, rating them by how closely they resemble each other. Some very useful uses for it are:

  • Find the full version of an image when you can only find the cropped, or scaled version.
  • Find a better take of a photo, or other photos that were taken right afterwards.
  • Cant find where you put an image on your hard drive? Copy the photo from the web and use Duplicate photo Finder to search your hard drive to find the original.
  • Consolidate multiple copies of images around your hard drives
  • and so much more

Download Duplicate Photo Finder

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Duplicate Photo Finder Freeware, 9.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings
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