Avoid Getting Hacked

how to avoid getting hacked

The simplest and easiest first step to avoid having your website hacked is to create a secure password. Check here to see how long it would take to hack a password (If you have security concerns, dont enter a password you actually use*)  It’s interesting to try different combinations of letters, numbers and characters to see how the security changes.

It may seem obvious to have a secure password, but most people use very easily hackable passwords in fact, 98.8% of people use the most common 10,000 passwords! Here’s some interesting data from xato.net

  • 4.7% of users have the password password;
  • 8.5% have the passwords password or 123456;
  • 9.8% have the passwords password, 123456 or 12345678;
  • 14% have a password from the top 10 passwords
  • 40% have a password from the top 100 passwords
  • 79% have a password from the top 500 passwords
  • 91% have a password from the top 1000 passwords

*They claim the script is performed on your computer so no information is stored or sent from your computer

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